As a landlord, you might own your property outright or you may have a buy to let mortgage. If you do currently have borrowing, that could be because you didn’t have enough capital available to buy without a mortgage, or perhaps you chose to leverage your investment to improve returns.

It is often the more mature sellers that kick start the property market. When larger family homes are sold due to children moving away and the owners need for a smaller property it allows new families to move and sell their home which is repeated through the chain and adds more properties to the Flitwick property market. Read more in our blog

Biggleswade prices continue to rise while nationally they have fallen. Can Biggleswade continue to buck this trend or will we see local prices start to fall? Find out what is really happening and why Biggleswade property rises are still rising in our blog.

There is still time to move into your new home before Christmas but the clock is clicking quickly! Read my blog to discover the secret to getting moved before it is too late.

How to downsize gets talked about a lot these days, but many don’t discuss how to trade up when buying a new home. There’s plenty of reasons you might be looking for a bigger home – a growing family, a pet, a lack of space, a want for a home office. Ensure you follow our checklist to miss nothing when moving on up…

With a new season approaching, it’s always good to consider the ‘de-clutter and store’ for your home. Finding new ways to store away your items can leave your home feeling fresh, new, and ready to tackle the remainder of the year. Here are some simple storage solutions that will keep your house feeling tidy and everything in order, while still looking smart and stylish…

As the days turn cooler, leisure time is increasingly spent indoors and viewers take more notice of decor. To maximise your enjoyment and stage your home for the season, we share our top tips for Autumn…

The Biggleswade property market the hottest I can remember (and I am very old!). Properties are flying out the door (or so it seems). There is an exception to the rule, read my blog to find out how quick your property should sell.

Owning one or more buy-to-let homes is the dream of many people. The idea of passive income, financial security and building a comfortable retirement is an inviting prospect for many potential landlords. Our blog looks into the skills you will need as a landlord, read more to discover if you have what it takesto be a successful landlord.

Summer is a great time of year to sell your home. With bright, sunny days, gardens at their greenest and flowers blooming, your marketing photos will look fabulous! Find out how to take advantage of the all the benefits of selling now, ready for an autumn move.

Flitwick house prices have risen by an average of £8,000 fuel in no small part by the stamp duty holiday. With properties to buy being in shorter supply more sellers have decided to rent while looking for their forever home. Is this the right thing to do?

Despite the strongest market in a decade with property selling faster than ever, there are still homes in Bedfordshire that have not sold.If you've been on the market for some time, you could be wondering why on earth you don't have a buyer when dema