Since the pandemic we have seeb a huge rise in the number of tenants with a non-negotable requirment of a garden for all sorts of reasons. The right garden for the right tenant can lead to more interest and higher rental returns. Our blog explores the type of gardens tenants are looking for depending on the type of rental property you have.

What will cause the Bedfordshire property market to peak? Will house prices fall? Should you delay buying? Read our blog to discover what will happen to the local property market.

"As soon as I saw the photo, I knew it was the one!" Top tops to make your property photos stand out!

I have lost count how many times I have read that we are heading for a property market crash and the market kept on booming. Yet again the doom mongers are predicting another property crash looming. In this article I look at the facts behind a possible property crash and share my thoughts on the likelihood of a property market crash in 2022.

There has been a rise in demand for rental properties and an 8.9% fall in the number of Biggleswade private rented properties, which has caused Biggleswade rents to rise by 5.8% in the last year, a new all-time high. What are the 5 reasons the supply of private rental properties in Biggleswade?

We've all seen the headlines and everyone will be affected including landlords and tenants. This week's blog is chock-a-block with practical tips on how you can work together with your tenant on making things easier for them while still protecting your income, investment and costs.

Light and space: the two things that EVERY buyer asks for. So how can you maximise both in your home? Start with our new blog!

To describe this job in a single phrase, it would have to be 'never a dull moment'. Aside from opening the office, making a coffee and checking new messages, no two days are ever the same. If you think letting agents do nothing for their money this will be an interesting read.

With the end of April comes the end of frosts, so now's the perfect time to lay the groundwork of a beautiful spring and summer garden. Read this weeks blog with our hints and tips on creating a wonderful garden ready that will help you sell your home.

Why has growth in Flitwick homeownership happened, and what does it mean for Flitwick's existing homeowners?

In 1981, there were 18,057 council houses in Central Bedfordshire, today it’s 5,464. Where have they all gone and where are thousands of people who would have lived in those houses now living?

So, what is it about the humble terraced/townhouse us Brits love so much? In this article, I look at the history of the terraced house, how it relates to Biggleswade and what the future holds for terraced homes.